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Horti-Cote Plus 15+6+11 (12 Month) Controlled release Fertiliser x20kg

Horti-Cote Plus 15+6+11 (12 Month) Controlled release Fertiliser x20kg

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The Horti-Cote Plus CRF Concept - Mivena controlled release fertilisers have been used successfully in mainland Europe for over 10 years. The Mivena product range has been independently tested by DLV many times during this period and adapted to meet the needs of modern growers requirements. Specific analyses and longevities are available for all types of container grown stock. Horti-Cote Plus CRF is available in longevities from 4 months up to 16 months. Unique Coating - Horti-Cote Plus CRF is a polymer coated fertiliser designed to ensure plants receive the right amount of nutrition at the right time. The polymer coating is designed to release the nutrients based on temperature alone. Other controlled release fertilisers release nutrients based on temperature and moisture, but this can lead to nutrients being released at the wrong time and increases the risk of leaching and subsequent pollution in run-off water.

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